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Hopkinton Fire Department


     The purpose of the Hopkinton Fire Department is to preserve life and property in Hopkinton and surrounding area, in case of fire and/or other emergency; and to promote through fire safety education the prevention of such fire or other emergencies. 


Want to be part of the Hopkinton Fire Department?

     The Hopkinton Fire Department is looking for individuals willing to train hard, work hard, and be part of a good tradition.   Certified Firefighters are excellent, however no experience is necessary as ALL training is provided by the department.  For more information about becoming a firefighter, contact a member of the fire department.     


Contact Information

Hopkinton Fire Department

208 Walnut St SE

Hopkinton, IA  52237


Please call City Hall at 926-2181 with general questions.  In case of an emergency or fire, please call 911 immediately!




Craig Wilson, Fire Chief

Greg Kemp, Asst. Fire Chief

Dave Loeffelholz, Treasurer


Andrew Bacon, Randy Bacon, Kelly Bush, Lee Bush Jr., Brock Davis, Jayme Digman, Shaun Flanagan, Jason Helle, Nick Hunter, Matt Kraus, Dwayne Krumviede, Shane Leytem, Jared Murray, Adam Peterson, Eric Sheehy, Kurt Steggall, Aaron Supple, Marcus Supple, Jerry Thompson, Andy Werner, Leon Wilson, Tom Wilson, Brandon Wright   

Grants Received by the Hopkinton Fire Dept.


2007:$3,587.00 by Dubuque Greyhound Park & Casino: New Hoses & Adaptors

2008:$1,723.00 by IA DNR: Fire Rakes, Fire Swatters, Radios & Pagers

         $2,500.00 by Foundation for the Future of Delaware County: 2 sets of bunker


         $4,000.00 by Dubuque Racing Association: Air Compressor 

2009:$300.00 by Black Hills Energy: Wind Meters

         $2,000.00 by Wal-Mart: New Hoses

         $3,240.00 by Foundation for the Future of Delaware County: Portable Radios

2010:$50,673.00 by FEMA: 28 complete sets of personal protective equipment

         $3,000.00 by Dubuque Racing Association: Roof repair

         $600.00 by Innovative Ag Services: Foam extinguisher and foam pack    

         $600.00 by Land O' Lakes: Foam extinguisher and foam pack

2011:$1,750.00 by Foundation for the Future of Delaware County: Smoke Alarms

         $1,000.00 by Wal-Mart: Smoke Alarms

         $5,000.00 by Dubuque Racing Association: Skid Unit

2012:$5,000.00 by Dubuque Racing Association: aluminum truck bed, nozzles, &