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City of Hopkinton

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                           We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website.  There are a few folks we would like you to meet.
Introducing the Board of Trustees
               The Board of Trustees meet the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the city meeting room.   Each member of the Board is appointed by the city council for a six year term.   
                 Robert DeShaw has been serving on the Board since 1983.  He became Chairman of the Board in 1997, a position he stills holds today.  Bob is a retired milk hauler and former self-employed businessman of our community.
              James Guthrie was appointed by the council in June 2013.   He is a retired area farmer and former self-employed businessman of our community.   
              Rick Lange joined our Board in April 2015.  As a lifelong member of our community, he has previously served the city as a councilperson.         
Our Employees

        Douglas J. Melchert





                  Doug became a of member of the HMU crew in February 1997.  When Norm Parsons retired in 2007, he moved into the superintendent position.  He is currently certified as a Grade 2 Water and also a Grade 2 Wastewater Operator.

         Doug is a Hopkinton "lifer".  He was born and raised in rural Hopkinton and he and his wife built a new home in our community several years ago.  They are the parents of two sons.  They welcomed their first granddaughter in 2014.













   Tyler J. Cole








               Tyler joined our crew in June 2014.  In addition to learning our electrical system, he has also become a certified grade 1 water operator and grade 1 wastewater operator. 

            He is the father of two girls.  Tyler loves fishing, hunting and kayaking. 














Past & Present


                 GD Herington

                 HD House

                 Charles Thing

                 HM Reeve

                 RF Billings

                 Wm Stanger 

                     HA Taylor

                     TL Joseph

                     Franc Flannagan

                     CB Johnson

                     Durwood Winch

                     Dr. HA Gearhart

                     Richard Harris 

                     Gerald Talmadge

                     Robert DeShaw

                     Jim Burdick

                     Fred Hunter

                     Jerry Weber

                     James Guthrie

            Rick Lange

   Cynthia J. Kemp




         Cindy has been serving the customers of HMU since January 2nd, 1985.  In her position as utility clerk, she handles the utility billing, payroll, accounts payable and general ledger, as well as secretary to the Board of Trustees. 

        Ms. Kemp was born and raised in Hopkinton.  She and her husband are parents to three sons and grandparents to seven grandsons and two granddaughters.





Cynthia L. Jones



      Cyndi joined Hopkinton Municipal Utilities in December 2006.  She is the part-time utility clerk and shares the clerical duties involved in operating the utility.     

        She and her husband also are parents to three sons.     












 Past Superintendents


             Lloyd Burdick                1938-1955

             Jess Novak                      1955-1968

             Vernon Lawrence          1969-1973

             Bob Ayres                        1973-1976

             Jim Cline (Acting)          1976-1977

             Steve Secrist                    1977-1980

             John Westrich                 1980-1985

             Robert Sewell                  1985-1987

             Max Edwards                 1987-1990

             Norman Parsons            1990-2007