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Lot owners may not sell their lots or parts of lots to anyone whomsoever.  Transfer may be made only with the immediate family and only by surrender of the original deed and issuance of new deeds by the City to the new owners of lots or parts of lots so transferred.  Lot owners desiring to dispose of lots or parts of lots may, upon surrender of the original deeds, sell the lots back to the City for an amount not to exceed the original purchase price of lots.


Certain older lots, no longer usable due to their small size, would have no resale value and are best left open.  Said lots could be used, with permission of the owners or heirs thereof, to further the Cemetery beautification plan.


Interments – The funeral director or person(s) making arrangements for interment shall, as soon as there is knowledge of a pending service, notify the City Clerk.  Said notification, including all information pertaining to the grave site and such other additional information required, shall be provided to the funeral director or person(s) assuming the responsibility for the service.  Based on the information given to them, the Cemetery Sexton will locate the exact site and ascertain the earliest possible time the service can be held.


No burial will be allowed until the burial permit is provided to the Cemetery Staff as required by the Code of Iowa, Chapter 144.32.


A change in the location after the digging process has begun will result in an additional charge as listed in the Schedule of Fees and Charges.


A charge for opening and closing a grave, and the sodding or seeding of the ground will be made at the current rate set by the CemeteryBoardCity.  The payments of said charges become the responsibility of the individual(s) in charge of the interment. 


Graves and Cremation graves shall be dug by the Cemetery Staff and shall conform to all applicable state laws.


A member of the Cemetery Staff will be present at every interment or service.


The interment of bodies of persons who have died of a contagious disease shall be in strict accordance with the rules of the State Board of Health.


Concrete container or vault is required.


The interment of more than one body in a single casket will not be permitted except in the case of a parent and infant or two children interred at the same time.  In both cases, multiple interments and/or cremated remains, marker regulations must be observed.  Limit of four (4) cremations per space or one casket and the ashes of one person.  Ashes must be interred and may not be distributed into the atmosphere.


Interments requiring special consideration(s) or utilizing equipment not normally available to the Cemetery Staff could be provided upon request.  Adequate time must be allowed for preparation.  Fees and charges must reflect the cost of the extra equipment, time and materials.  Generally, such practices would be arranged by advance notification.


No interments of any body other than a human being will be permitted.


Should weather become a factor or when several burials occur in a one (1) or two (2) day period, the Cemetery Staff shall schedule interments, working in close cooperation with the funeral directors.  To avoid conflict, it will be necessary to honor service communications from the funeral directors according to the time received.


Whenever possible, interments will be scheduled to enter HopkintonCemetery no later than 3:00 p.m. Monday through Sunday, including official holidays. 


Removals – Removals of bodies from graves in HopkintonCemetery will be made only by the City in accordance with the requirements of the statues of the State and rules of the State Board Health.  Charges made by the City for removal will be made in accordance with difficulty of the work and are payable in advance.  The minimum charge will be equal to twice the current charge for opening a grave of similar size.


Lot owners or their heirs desiring graves opened shall secure the necessary disinterment permit from the State and deliver same to the Cemetery Staff.


Stone & Monument Work – The City does not engage in stone or monument installations or repair.  However, all stone and monument work within the HopkintonCemetery shall be subject to the following regulations and requirements:


    All monuments or markers must be either flush with the ground or at least six (6) inches in height.

    The base for all flush monuments or upright markers must correspond as closely as possible with the

    contour of the existing soil surface.

    No monument or marker, flush or upright, may be established in such a fashion that it extends beyond

    the boundaries of the designated lot or grave, or that will interfere with the future grave openings.

    The settling of monuments and markers and the transportation of all tools, materials, etc, within the

    Cemetery grounds shall be subject to the supervision and control of the Cemetery Sexton.

    No unnecessary damage to the existing turf will be allowed and all debris is to be removed from the  

    Cemetery except soil.

    Excess soil must be placed on the Cemetery stockpile; it may not be used to fill low areas or be  

    distributed on the adjacent lots.

    Heavy trucking will not be permitted within the Cemetery when, in the opinion of the Cemetery Sexton,

    such work might cause injury to the grounds and driveways.

    Once begun, all monument and stone work is to be completed and any accumulated debris is to be

     removed from the sight within a seven (7) day period.

    The local climate is such that marble is not recommended as a suitable material for monument use.

    Granite is a much more durable stone.  Bronze is also an accepted material.

    Stonework or monuments of any sort, once established in HopkintonCemetery, may not be removed

    except by permission of the Sexton.

    Glass monuments or glass parts of monuments will not be allowed.

    The Memorial Section has flush markers and allows only one marker per grave or one double marker, as

    for husband and wife, for two adjoining graves.


Maintenance Practices – HopkintonCemetery assumes the responsibility for maintenance of all lots that have been sold or will be sold.  All monies previously collected for perpetual care will be held in a separate trust, interest from which will be used to maintain graves deeded under perpetual deeded under perpetual care.  Landscaping and maintenance of the Cemetery, including all lots therein, shall be under the direction of the Cemetery staff.


Existing individual lot plantings may be trimmed or removed by the Cemetery Staff when they have outgrown their usefulness or have become unsightly or unmanageable.  Individual plantings so removed will not be replaced.


The Cemetery Board will decide what tree can be planted and where the tree will be planted in the HopkintonCemetery.  Cemetery Staff will cut down and/or trim trees as seen fit.  Individuals are not permitted to plant or cut down any trees. 


No hedges, fences, or enclosures of any kind will be permitted on or around lots.  Existing enclosure will be removed when they have deteriorated to an unattractive or unsafe condition.


Live flowers in plastic or paper Mache containers are most welcome and may be used at all times.  The Cemetery Staff assumes no responsibility for the preservation, maintenance, or protection of any type of grave decoration.


    Flowers must be removed from April 15 – September 30th for the mowing season.

    All wooden boxes, toys, can, wired flowers and other objects that might create a mowing hazard will not

    be permitted during the mowing season except as designated and, when used, will be removed and

    destroyed by the cemetery Staff without notice.  Glass jars and bottles are not allowed.


The City reserves the right for its workmen and those persons necessary to the performance of normal Cemetery operations to enter upon or cross over any lot in the Cemetery.


The city or its employees assume no liability for actual damages or mental anguish in the performance of normal operation or loss by vandalism or other acts beyond its reasonable control.



A lot owner should feel free to consult with the Cemetery Staff at any time regarding any item or clarification of the rules and regulations.


Rules for Visitors – Visiting hours for the Cemetery are from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Visitors are

requested to use the designated walks and driveways and not to trespass unnecessarily in Cemetery lots, pick flowers (either wild or cultivated), injure any shrub, tree or plant or mark or deface any monument, stone or structure in the Cemetery.


Vehicles traveling within the Cemetery shall observe the hours of visitation as previously stated and shall proceed at a rate not to exceed fifteen (15) miles per hour.  Drivers should be aware at all times of the City’s right to alter, change or close alleyways, roadways and other physical properties of the Cemetery.


Firearms will be allowed in the Cemetery only for use at Military funerals.  Special permission must be obtained in advance from the Cemetery Staff.


It is unlawful to bring, cause or permit a dog or any animal to enter the Cemetery (except seeing-eye dogs) unless confined inside a vehicle.


Fees and Payments – The payment of all fees and charges is due payable to The City of Hopkinton.