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We have set rules for each rental groups’ safety and the protection of the property.  We ask each groups cooperation and leadership in informing everyone in your group of these rules.  We extend our trust to all who enter the facility and feel confident this trust will not be violated.


1.       Definite confirmation for your group cannot be made until your application and deposit has been received in the City Clerk’s office.

2.       The staff person in charge reserves the right to terminate any activity or program that is deemed potentially harmful to the personnel, facilities, or image of the City of Hopkinton.

3.       Posted safety rules must be observed.

4.       Smoking is allowed outside the building only.  Please do not dispose of your cigarette butts on the sidewalk or in the alley. Use container that is provided.

5.       Absolutely no unauthorized alcoholic beverages and/or non-prescription drugs are permitted.

6.       No animals, firearms, ammunition, hand or power tools, gasoline, kerosene, explosive or flammable materials or poisonous substances will be allowed on city property.

7.       Loading and unloading vehicles near building is permissible, but please park all vehicles in designated parking areas only.

8.       Municipal Utilities and City offices are off limits to visitors.

9.       Groups are expected to respect property rights, and will be held responsible for loss or breakage with proper restitution.

10.   Your group is responsible for disposing of your own garbage unless other arrangements are made prior to rental. In the event that the facility is not left clean, the group using the facility shall be billed for the cost of cleaning the area used. 

11.  Rental groups are expected to provide their own first-aid supplies, care, and equipment.

12.  Dial 911 for emergencies.  A telephone is located in the kitchen.  It can be used for local calls only, if necessary.

13.  City of Hopkinton reserves the right to terminate a group rental as a result of inappropriate conduct.

14.  City of Hopkinton reserves the right to terminate rental agreement if deemed necessary.

15.  The Community Center is not responsible for lost or stolen articles/items.

16.  Report any broken or damaged items to the City Clerk as soon as possible.  Also any spills to the carpet that you could not get clean.

17.  Each separate kitchen outlet provides 20 amps.  Please only plug one electric roaster/r any higher amp appliance into one outlet.

18.  The key for the Community Center must be picked up at the City Clerk’s office during regular work hours.  The key MUST be returned via the bill drop at the Hopkinton Municipal Utility office (next to the City Clerk’s office entrance) upon completion of the room’s use.

19.  Use of materials on the wall or decorations is prohibited without specific approval of the City Clerk.

20.  Alcoholic Beverages:  If you are renting the Community Center for a Social Gathering  only, (e.g. wedding reception, anniversary, party/dance, etc.)  you may serve only beer, (NO KEG BEER ALLOWED), wine coolers or wine (not exceeding 6.5% alcohol by volume), and you may give it away provided you do not make any charge for it.  You cannot sell or in any way charge for any alcoholic beverages.

21.  Please return chairs and tables as you found them set-up in the Community Center. 

      Please keep chairs w/felt tips on the bottom on the tile floor only—not on the carpet.


**If you are renting the Community Center for a Business Purpose and/or charging admission or a donation to enter, you cannot serve or allow to be consumed any type of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine coolers or wine (not exceeding 6.5% alcohol by volume).