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     The City of Hopkinton provides the following services to its residents, as well as Roling Sanitation for garbage and recycling.
Garbage pickup
Garbage is picked up on Mondays unless otherwise published in the Delaware County Leader.  The amount of garbage per household is limited to the maximum of one 33 gallon container or can be placed in a bag of that size.  Container or bag need to be clearly marked as "Garbage".  If you have additional bags of garbage, you will be required to purchase a red tag ($1.50 per bag) at City Hall or Municipal Utilities Office.  There is a weight limit of 50 pounds per bag of garbage.
Recycling is picked up on Mondays unless otherwise published in the Delaware County Leader.  Please keep recyclables at least 5 feet from your garbage.  Please RECYCLE all items that are recyclable.  There is no limit on the amount of recyclables per household.  The more items that you recycle, the less garbage you should have.  Recyclables should be placed in containers or bags clearly marked as "Recyclables". 
If you would like to recycle an appliance, you will be required to purchase an appliance tag for $11.00/appliance.  If you would like to recycle an electronic device, you will be required to purchase an electronic tag for $8.00/device.  Both may be purchased at City Hall or Municipal Utilities Office.  
Leaf Vac Machine
The City also has a leaf vac machine.  Our Street Superintendent will pick up leaves on certain days starting in the spring.  They must be raked next to the curb or alley near your residence.  Please try to have all garbage, sticks, etc. out of the pile of leaves so no damage is done to the leaf vac.  Notices are put in the Delaware County Leader of when the days of pickup are.
Chipper Machine
The City also has a chipper machine which chips tree brances and sticks into wood chips.    Branches no larger than 8 inches in diameter will be used for chipping.  Please stack branches in a neat pile with the base of the branch closest to the street or alley.  If there is an abundance of wood chips after the city's use, they are available to city residents upon calling the City Clerk.  If you have any branches or sticks to be picked up, please notify the City Clerk at 926-2181.