Acres Delaware County Auction: Prime Farmland Up for Grabs

Hopkinton July 9, 2024

Imagine standing on the rich soil of Delaware County, Iowa, gazing out over vast fields that seem to stretch on forever. This land, known for its fertile grounds and agricultural potential, has become a hotspot for land auctions, drawing interest from farmers, investors, and land enthusiasts alike. Delaware County offers a remarkable opportunity with several significant parcels up for auction, including a notable 518.09+/- acres across Delaware and Buchanan counties.

Each auction event presents an array of properties, from tillable farmland to picturesque landscapes ripe for development. The competitive spirit in the air is palpable, especially when bidding heats up for these valuable pieces of the Iowan heartland. Picture the excitement as buyers gather at community centers in person and online, eager to stake their claim in this agricultural treasure trove.

These auctions are more than just opportunities to purchase land; they’re community events that unite people with a shared passion for the land. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer looking to expand your operations or a newcomer eager to invest in one of Iowa’s most promising regions, these land auctions offer something for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Delaware County hosts significant land auctions, appealing to diverse buyers.
  • Property auctions include extensive tillable farmland.
  • Community events foster a shared passion for agricultural investment.

Overview of Delaware County Land Auctions

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Delaware County land auctions attract significant interest due to the high-quality farmland available, evolving auction methods, and the growing impact of digital platforms.

The Auction Process

In Delaware County, land auctions often include both public and online formats. Public auctions are held at designated community centers where buyers gather in person. Online public auctions allow participants to bid remotely through digital platforms, expanding accessibility.

The auction typically starts with an introduction, followed by a description of the parcels. Bidders raise their paddles or submit digital bids in increasing amounts. The highest bidder wins the parcel after the final call. This hybrid format ensures larger participation and competitive pricing.

Significance of 2023 Auctions

In 2023, Delaware County saw several notable auctions that featured large acreages and high participation rates. These auctions were significant due to the offered tracts’ quality and the inclusion of updated bidding systems.

Live and simultaneous online auctions provided a broader audience, illustrating the shift towards more inclusive and technologically advanced methods. This approach not only increased final sale prices but also allowed for a better understanding of market trends.

Delaware County Profile

Delaware County, Iowa, is known for its rich agricultural land. Predominantly rural, it has a mixture of farmland, ranches, and some hunting grounds. This combination makes it a prime location for land auctions and an attractive spot for both local and national investors.

The county’s community centers, such as those in Manchester and Earlville, often host these public events. The land’s productive capabilities and well-maintained infrastructure contribute to the high value placed on these properties during auctions.

Key Auction Entities

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In Delaware County, IA, various companies and individuals play significant roles in land auctions. The primary entities include High Point Land Company and notable auctioneers who bring expertise and local knowledge to every sale.

High Point Land Company

High Point Land Company has a notable presence in Delaware County land auctions. They’re known for offering large tracts of farmland, including a 154-acre property auctioned in November 2022. This company conducts both live and online public auctions, providing flexibility for different types of buyers.

Their auctions are often held at central locations like community centers, making it convenient for local residents to participate. High Point Land Company prides itself on transparency and thoroughness, ensuring that all properties listed meet high standards. Their involvement brings credibility and trust, which are essential in high-stakes land transactions.

Auctioneers and Key Figures

Auctioneers play a crucial role in these events. One key figure is Matt Tobin, a specialist with High Point Land Company. He is known for his local expertise and has facilitated numerous successful sales in Delaware County. His ability to connect with the community and understand their needs makes him a valuable asset.

Auctioneers like Tobin ensure smooth proceedings, often working tirelessly to gather relevant property information and present it clearly to potential buyers. Their skills in negotiation and communication are vital in securing the best prices for the landowners and providing buyers with fair deals. They are the faces you trust in an auction, ensuring every transaction is conducted with integrity and professionalism.

Properties for Sale

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Here’s a closer look at some of the properties for sale in Delaware County, IA, focusing on specific tracts and their unique characteristics. Each tract offers distinct advantages and features that make them appealing for different kinds of buyers and investors.

Tract 1 Characteristics

Tract 1 spans approximately 154 acres and is known for its highly productive cropland. The CSR2 (Corn Suitability Rating 2) for this tract is impressively high, indicating fertile soil ideal for farming. Kenyon Loam and Clyde-Floyd Complex are the primary soil types here. These soils are well-drained and suitable for growing a variety of crops.

Tillable Land: Most of Tract 1 is tillable, maximizing the acreage usable for crop production. This makes it a valuable purchase for farmers seeking to expand their operations or investors interested in agricultural real estate. The tract is FSA certified, ensuring compliance with federal agricultural standards and allowing for potential subsidies.

Tract 2 Details

Tract 2 covers a larger expanse and incorporates aspects that might interest different buyers. While the exact acreage wasn’t specified, the emphasis here is also on cropland quality. The soils are similar to those in Tract 1, primarily Kenyon Loam and Clyde-Floyd Complex, maintaining the land’s productive potential.

CSR2 Rating: This tract also boasts a high CSR2, ensuring efficiency and profitability for any agricultural activities undertaken. The highly productive soil signals robust crop yields year after year, making it an attractive proposition.

Accessibility: Located near key roadways, Tract 2 offers easy access for machinery and logistics, easing the transportation of goods and reducing operational hassles.

Additional Tracts Information

Other available tracts in Delaware County comprise both smaller and larger plots, optimized for diverse agricultural needs. These properties range from smaller, more manageable acreages to expansive tracts suitable for large-scale farming.

Acreage Variability: Some tracts are under 100 acres, perfect for smaller farms or specific crop cultivation. Others exceed 200 acres, ideal for extensive agricultural ventures or investment purposes.

Varied Soil Types: The land includes various soil types, providing opportunities to grow different crops. These properties combine tillable land with FSA certification, ensuring that the soil and land management meet top agricultural standards.

Investment Considerations

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Investment in Delaware County, IA farmland requires an understanding of income from tillable land, recent auction activities, and long-term value trends. These factors can influence the profitability and longevity of your investment.

Tillable Land Income Potential

In Delaware County, IA, agricultural land presents strong income opportunities, primarily through renting or leasing tillable land. This region boasts high-quality soil, making it ideal for crops like corn and soybeans. Leases typically generate steady annual income, with rent varying based on soil productivity, market conditions, and lease terms. It’s crucial to evaluate the farmland’s CSR (Corn Suitability Rating), which impacts rent rates and crop yields. Higher CSR often means higher profitability, offering a secure investment.

Recent Auction Results

Recent auctions in Delaware County highlight the robust activity in the land market. For instance, 154+/- acres sold via auction showcased the competitive demand for agricultural land. Similar events, involving over hundreds of acres, emphasize the high levels of interest among buyers and the significant prices such properties can command. Detailed auction results reveal the selling price per acre and buyer profiles, contributing to an investor’s understanding of market dynamics. Observing these market movements can guide future bidding strategies and help in making informed investment decisions.

Long-Term Value Trends

The long-term value of farmland in Delaware County has shown a steady appreciation over the years, driven by multiple factors including agricultural productivity, location, and economic conditions. Historically, land in Iowa tends to maintain or increase in value, which makes it an attractive long-term investment. Investors should monitor trends in agricultural markets, technological advances in farming, and shifts in land use to understand potential future value. Consistently high demand for quality farmland in this region supports the notion that investing here could yield substantial returns over time.

Auction Day Information

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The auction for the Delaware County, IA land offers a structured and exciting buying experience. Be prepared for a detailed schedule, clear bidding procedures, and a bustling atmosphere filled with eager bidders.

Schedule and Registration

On auction day, attendees can start arriving early for registration. Dual registration is available for both live and online participants. Doors open at 11:00 AM, with registration tables set up. This gives bidders time to secure their bidder number and get acquainted with the auction environment.

  • Location: Earlville Community Center, Earlville, IA
  • Date: December 6th, 2024
  • Registration Starts: 11:00 AM
  • Auction Begins: 1:00 PM

Online bidders must ensure their internet connection is stable and log in 30 minutes before the auction starts to avoid any last-minute technical issues.

Bidding Procedures

Bidding can be intense! Bidders can participate in person or online through platforms supported by the auction company. “Buyer’s Choice” is the main method used, meaning each tract will be bid on individually. The top bidder gets to choose which parcel they want first.

  • Start bids low to encourage participation
  • Incremental increases as bids rise
  • Online and in-person bids visible on-screen

Be ready to bid quickly and decisively, as high interest in prime farmland means competition will be fierce. Bidders are advised to set a maximum bid limit beforehand to avoid overspending.

What to Expect on Auction Day

Expect a lively atmosphere filled with fellow farmers, investors, and land enthusiasts. There is usually a mix of newcomers and seasoned bidders.

The auctioneer will keep the energy high, facilitating a smooth and fair bidding process. Staff members will be on hand to answer any questions. Snacks and drinks are typically available, making it more comfortable for guests who stay for the entire event.

  • Atmosphere: Competitive yet friendly
  • Facilities: Seating, refreshments, restrooms
  • Staff: Available for assistance

Bring a notepad to jot down important details and a charged phone if you’re bidding online. Staying alert and prepared is key to successfully securing a piece of this valuable Delaware County land.

Preparation for Buyers

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Prospective buyers should focus on researching tracts, understanding CSR2 ratings, and getting their finances in order. Each of these steps is crucial for making an informed and confident bid.

Researching Tracts

Before the auction, buyers should gather as much information as possible about the tracts. This involves looking at the specific location, size, and features of the land. For instance, knowing that some tracts are in Union Township or near Earlville, IA can be important.

Buyers should also check if there are any existing tile projects or drainage systems in place. This information can affect the land’s value and usability. Contacting local land specialists or attending pre-auction viewings can provide more insights into the land’s characteristics.

Understanding CSR2 Ratings

The Corn Suitability Rating 2 (CSR2) is a critical factor in evaluating farmland. A higher CSR2 rating suggests more productive soil, which can lead to better crop yields. For example, land with high CSR2 ratings in Delaware County is considered very desirable.

Buyers should familiarize themselves with how CSR2 ratings are calculated and what they signify. This knowledge can help in assessing the potential return on investment. Comparing CSR2 ratings of different tracts can also assist in making a more informed bidding decision.

Financial Preparations

Having a clear financial plan is essential. Buyers should set a budget considering the auction’s competitive nature. It’s also wise to arrange financing well in advance, whether through a bank loan or other means.

Understanding all associated costs, including any buyer’s premium fees, is also crucial. For instance, some auctions might include an internet buyer’s premium, which can affect the final purchase price. Being financially prepared ensures that buyers can act quickly and confidently during the auction.

Location and Access

Delaware County, IA, is home to various farmland properties up for auction. Knowing how to get there and the exact locations is key for anyone interested in these opportunities.

Property Addresses

The land up for auction includes properties located near Manchester and the South Fork area. Some auction addresses include:

  • 245th Avenue & 195th Street | Earlville, IA 52041
  • 280th Avenue, East of Earlville, IA
  • Goose Hill Road in Delaware and Dubuque Counties

Each property offers its own unique benefits and location advantages. Whether it’s the scenic beauty of South Fork or the convenient location near Manchester, these addresses provide potential buyers with promising farmland prospects.

Driving Directions

Driving to these auction sites is straightforward. For the property at 245th Avenue & 195th Street in Earlville, head south on IA-13 from Manchester, then take a right onto 195th Street.

If you’re heading to the 280th Avenue property east of Earlville, you’ll travel along Old Highway 20 and turn north on 280th Avenue. For Goose Hill Road, it’s best to navigate using a GPS as it weaves through the picturesque Delaware and Dubuque Counties.

These routes are mostly well-maintained roads, ensuring a smooth drive.


When it comes to accessibility, most properties have good road connections and are easily reachable. The Earlville properties benefit from proximity to major highways, making the journey hassle-free.

Furthermore, the farmland has been worked on to improve drainage and land quality. Regular tile projects in certain areas enhance usability, such as the improvements on Goose Hill Road. This makes the farmland not only easy to reach but also more viable for agricultural purposes.

For visitors planning to attend the auctions, each site offers adequate parking facilities and clear signage, ensuring that you reach the right place without any fuss.

Post-Auction Considerations

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Completing a land auction in Delaware County, IA, involves critical steps like finalizing the sale, managing the new property, and exploring future opportunities. Paying attention to these factors ensures a smooth transition and maximizes the benefits of the investment.

Finalizing the Sale

After winning an auction, securing ownership requires a few essential steps. First, the buyer needs to finalize the contract and make sure all legal documents are signed. It’s important to confirm that all paperwork is accurate and complete.

They should also arrange for the transfer of funds, ensuring that payments are made within the stipulated time frame. Any outstanding taxes or liens on the property must be settled. Working with a reliable attorney can help smooth out these details.

Managing Newly Acquired Land

Once the sale is finalized, the new owner needs to decide how to manage the acquired land. If the land is tillable, they may plan for agricultural use, preparing it for the next planting season. Hiring local tenants or farm managers from nearby areas like Earlville or Hopkinton can ensure the land is well-maintained.

For those interested in construction or development, it’s wise to consult with local experts on zoning laws and logistical considerations like transportation access and utility connections. Leasing parts of the land can also be an option to generate income while long-term plans are being developed.

Future Auction Opportunities

Staying informed about future auctions can provide additional chances to expand one’s portfolio. Keeping an eye on announcements from auction houses and companies like High Point Land Company and Steffes Group is essential. They often have listings for land in nearby counties like Buchanan and Dubuque.

Attending these auctions, both online and in-person, gives potential buyers a feel for the market and helps them prepare for future purchases. Networking with other landowners and real estate professionals can also yield valuable insights and opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Land auctions in Delaware County, IA often attract attention due to their high-quality farmland and competitive pricing. Below are common queries about recent auction results, participation methods, and where to find listings for upcoming auctions.

What are the recent auction results for farms in Delaware County, Iowa?

Delaware County has seen robust auction activity recently. One notable event included the live and online auction of 518.09 acres, offered in six tracts. These auctions took place at the Earlville Community Center. In another instance, a 154-acre property was also sold at auction in Worthington Community Center. Such events indicate a strong market for tillable farmland.

How can I participate in an online auction for acres in Delaware County, Iowa?

To participate in online auctions, you generally need to register with the auction company, such as High Point Land Company. This can often be done through their website. Make sure to review the auction terms and conditions, which include details on bidding procedures and any required deposits. Being prepared and knowing the rules of engagement can enhance your auction experience.

Where can I find listings for upcoming land auctions in Delaware County, Iowa?

You can find listings for upcoming land auctions on websites of local auction companies like High Point Land Company. Community centers often host these events, making their bulletin boards and websites a good resource. Staying connected with local real estate agents can also provide timely information on new listings and auctions.

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